ExExpense: Simple, automated family expense tracking and management system for divorced households
  - Manage Shared Expenses
  - Automatic Calculations
  - Upload Supporting Files
  - Secured in the Cloud
  - Eliminates Photocopying
  - Minimizes Conflict
Life saver
Time saver
Tree saver
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Summary Listing provides a snapshot
Filter Expenses by type, year and/or payor
Totals Table updates based on filtered selections
Very Cool!
Easily access all your files stored securely in the Cloud
Whoa! That's Big.
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With ExExpense uploading expenses is easy!
Accommodates unlimited number of types of expenses and sharing percentages
 1. Click on 'Record Expense' Button
 2. Choose Dates from Calendars
 3. Enter amount
 4. Enter/Choose a Vendor
 5. Upload Supporting Files
 6. Click Save or Save & Send
No Copying
No mailing
No conflict
No problem
No stress
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The ExExpense Summary Reports show totals by expense type and year!
 - Click to send an summary report to your ex
 - Click to send a list of all items to your ex
 - Export data to a spreadsheet
 - Assist in creating court documents, if needed
 - Track date and time when files were viewed
All the data you need is at your fingertips, literally.
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ExExpense provides multiple ways to access
Works on all devices and all browsers
  Chrome      3+
  Firerfox      2+
  IE              6+
  Safari        3.1+
  Opera       10+
Windows Phone
Stores data in the cloud so you don't have to worry about it
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Don't be like this guy!
Don't get stuck managing paper with a spreadsheet and a calculator.
  Get Organized
  Get Connected
  Get piece of mind
  Get on with you life
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Don't be divorced without it!
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