a. Enter Expenses Quickly

b. Comprehensive Expense Listing

c. Summary of Expenses By Type
Peace of mind

ExExpense is a secure online expense management tool that solves a critical problem for today’s divided households...managing the expenses and tracking reimbursements between parties simply, clearly and with minimal conflict.

How it works
  1. The system is set up to accommodate each separated couple's sharing percentage particulars.
  2. Either party logs in and enters payments made that need to be reimbursed. (see A).
  3. Each party's share is automatically calculated and maintained in the Expense Summary (see B).
  4. The Totals due are maintained in the Summary report so amounts owed/due are always up to date (see C).
  5. As Reimbursements are made they are posted and included in the amounts owed summaries.

It's Easy with ExExpense