He does…

With ExExpense storing all information in one place, the list is always current, the calculations are accurate and there is no need to reconcile multiple lists. Simple statements, expense tracking and automatically calculating amounts owed are all part of what makes ExExpense work. Expense summaries reduce many common objections and disagreements.

  • Simple setup, ExExpense can be used immediately to solve even the most difficult cases

  • Clear, easy to understand statements streamline the shared expense management process.
She does…

Get rid of the shoebox of receipts and the process of photocopying and mailing items. ExExpense's organization is easier and less stressful. Now more than ever make sure you are saving time by uploading expenses once and the calculations are done automatically.

  • Better Organization and Irrefutable Proof makes for Smoother Transactions

  • Better Organize Expenses for Reimbursement

  • Receive Reimbursements Faster

Attorneys do…

Dramatically reduce the number of unbillable time spent on post divorce disputes involving reimbursements and expenses between two parties. Providing a system that simplifies the expense management process makes the post divorce transition easier. If there is a need to get the attorneys involved to resolve the issues all the information is readily available in a court-friendly presentation.

  • Reduce Paper/Copying
  • Send Email Notification to Other Party w/Links
  • Send Email Summaries w/Links
  • Track Receipt and Download Logs
  • Audit Trail Simplifies Court Submissions
  • Reduce Mailing
  • Fast Uploading of Documents
  • Provide Financial Settlement
  • Schedule Summaries Online