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ExExpense Workforce Business Expense Management tool that facilitates the capturing of Expense information, the assignment of expenses to clients and projects, and then the creation of a monthly expense report.

  • Store your Receipts ExExpense Business is a great way to keep track of all your receipts for your business and personal!
  • Categorize by Client and ProjectYou can assign each expense to a particular client and/or project, if applicable. This allows for sorting and filtering by client and/or project.
  • Export Expenses using filters With the quick filters you can only display expenses by Year and Month, Client, Project or Type, and then export the data to a spreadsheet.
  • File Storage Store important files that you want to have access to from anywhere. Check files and automatically forward them to anyone, from your phone or desktop.
  • Emailing ExExpense provides tools to allow you to quickly and easily export detailed reports and you can email them instead with a rich text (MIME) email of the detail.
  • Expense Reporting ExExpense creates an excel expense report and emails it along with all supporting files, to your manager for approval.

RecentlyClient says

I cannot believe in this day and age my Company still required us to print out a spreadsheet and staple our receipts before sending for approval. Finally, ExExpense Workforce has gotten us into the 21st Century.

I used to dread the month end project of sifting through my receipts trying to remember what was what. Now, with ExExpense I upload the receipts as I incur them, including my mileages and travel, assign them to a client and then at month end it is as easy as clicking a button to generate my expense report.

The ability to charge expenses to a project or client is an important feature and it is also helpful that we can standardize on the project and client names for the choices, making typos a thing of the past.

I love the file cabinet. I upload the files I use for my clients and prospects and I can quickly and easily email them from my phone without having to go back to my office. This is very efficient.

I uploaded my sales support documents and my forms, so that when I am in a client or prospects office I can quickly and easily send them from my phone before I even leave the premises.

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